Refinance Documentation Checklist

Think it is time to Refinance? Work with the best mortgage company servicing Dartmouth, MA and surrounding areas with over 26 years experience writing loans. There are many reasons to refinance your mortgage, but most fall into one or all of three categories: One, save money by obtaining a lower interest rate; Two, use your home equity to borrow money for improvements or to payoff high interest credit cards and loans or Three restructure your existing mortgage to lower its term reducing the number of years your paying and saving considerable interest. Refinancing to save money is like making an investment in yourself, as the interest you save over the life of the loan becomes the return on your investment.

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Standard Documents                  

  • Two year work history phone/via email. Please provide company name, address, phone, your position, and dates of employment (All employers covering the past 2 years)
  • Two years w2’s (for all jobs held)
  • One full month of pay-stubs (covering a full 30-day period with no gaps)
  • Two months complete bank statements: (All numbered pages, even if blank or don't appear important)
    - If printing from online make sure to print actual statements as if mailed to your home. These are often found in the "statements and documents" section within your online banking portal.
    - Must state full name, your account number, bank’s name and running balance total.
    -Large deposits may require additional documentation or proof of where funds came from.
  • Must be current on all student loan payments
  • Collections and Charge Offs: Collections and charge offs over $2,000 "may" be required to be paid in full depending on the loan product.
  • Clear copy of your Driver's License
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Additional Loan Documents                  

(“May” be needed, based on investor approval)

  • Two years complete tax returns: (Personal 1040’s and Business 1120’s) All schedule, all pages (do not need state section with “barcode” on top).
  • Social Security award letter/Pension award letter: (If applicable)
  • Divorce Decree: (If Applicable)
    - Child Support order, any alimony agreements and proof of monthly payment
    - Cancelled checks and additional documentation may be needed in order to be used as income.
  • VA Form DD-214: (Veterans Only)
  • Retirement Statements: All pages of each statement and they must cover the last quarter or the past 2 months.  You also must provide the “Terms and Conditions” of how the funds can be withdrawn.
  • Resident Alien/Green Card: (If Applicable)
  • Work Visa: (If Applicable)
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Subject Property Documents                  

  • Recent Mortgage Statement, bill or coupon: (Can be printed from online)
  • Recent Real Estate Tax Bill
  • Recent Homeowners Insurance Policy
  • Copy of any Condo Homeowners Association monthly dues
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Additional Properties Owned               
  • Recent Mortgage Statement: (all mortgages, all properties)
  • Recent Insurance Policy: (all mortgages, all properties)
  • Recent Real Estate Tax Bill: (all mortgages, all properties)
  • Copy of any Condo / Homeowners Association monthly dues